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R. Goren, M. Huberman, U. Zehavi, M. Chen-Zion and E. Echeverria (2000). Sugar utilization by citrus juice cells as determined by [14C]-sucrose and [14C]-fructose feeding analysis. Plant Physiol. Biochem. 38, 507-515.


Sugar utilization by mature citrus juice cells was investigated in light of previous reports suggesting the inability of these cells to phosphorylate hexoses. Grapefruit juice sac cells were incubated in solutions of [14C]-sucrose or [14C]-fructose for 16 h during which 14CO2 evolution was measured by trapping into soluene. After the incubation period, tissue was extracted in 5 % trichloroacetic acid or 80 % ethanol and extracts separated and identified by thin layer chromatography. Fructose was taken up and metabolized more rapidly than sucrose. In both cases, significant amounts of 14CO2, [14C]-pyruvic and [14C]-citric acid were recovered after incubation. In separate experiments, hexokinase activity in tissue extracts was found to co-sediment with mitochondrial fractions but was not detected in the soluble fractions as previously reported. The data indicated that, contrary to earlier observations, mature citrus fruit juice cells contain the enzymatic machinery to metabolize soluble sugars. This is consistent with the glycolytic utilization of sugars in cells undergoing anaerobic respiration.

Malca Chen-Zion, Ph.D.

malcaDr. Chen-Zion has over two decades of experience in the fields of regulatory affairs, preclinical research and clinical trials of medical devices and biotechnology. Dr. Chen-Zion holds a Ph.D. in Biology with highest distinction from Bar-Ilan University.

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