• Regulatory and Clinical Consulting Services Tailored to Meet your Specific Needs
  • From Initial Concept to Marketing Clearance
  • Over Two Decades of Experience
  • Preclinical Research Design and Conducting
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Clinical & Regulatory Consultant for the Medical Industry

Malca Chen-Zion Consulting Group provides clinical and regulatory consulting services related to the research and development of medical devices and related technologies. With her extensive knowledge and experience, Dr. Chen-Zion guides client-partners through the entire process, from initial concept to regulatory plan, including testing, preclinical, clinical trials, pre-marketing clearance and post-marketing compliance. The full range of regulatory and clinical consulting services, tailored to meet each client-partners' specific needs, assists companies in product entry to the world market, including Israel, Europe, USA and elsewhere.

Malca Chen-Zion, Ph.D.

malcaDr. Chen-Zion has over two decades of experience in the fields of regulatory affairs, preclinical research and clinical trials of medical devices and biotechnology. Dr. Chen-Zion holds a Ph.D. in Biology with highest distinction from Bar-Ilan University.

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Contact Details

   Malca Chen-Zion, Ph.D.
Clinical & Regulatory Consultant

793 Nachal Kisufim
Makkabbim 7179901 Israel
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